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Can you remember that boring hotel or standard campsite you slept in years ago? No, probably not. Because often only the unique and special nights stay with you for a long time. On Vipio you will find a selection of the most unique places to stay in the Netherlands and Belgium. Book these unique accommodations easily and quickly on Vipio and spend the night at places you will remember for the rest of your life. 
Life is too short to endure boring stays. Book something that is truly special!
We don't offer endless types of accommodations. Only the really special spots!
Our stays are selected by people. Not by algorithms!
A special overnight stay Is a memory for life!
Unique accommodation
At Vipio you will find the most beautiful and special overnight stays. How about an overnight stay in a lighthouse, an igloo made of straw, an old water mill or in an ancient castle tower. All these unique accommodations can be found on our platform. On Vipio you can find overnight stays in every price category. For example, there are already special accommodations where you can sleep for less than 50 euros per night. There are also accommodations where you have to pay a few hundred euros per night. So there is something for everyone. Check out our beautiful and exciting accommodations above and dream away during a unique night's stay.

The choice is huge
Vipio offers a wide variety of unique accommodations in all categories. Below we have made a list with the different categories and the stays at Vipio:

1. Unique accommodation in a shepherds hut
2. Unique stay overnight tiny house
3. Unique overnight stay in a castle
4. Unique overnight stay in a special B&B
5. Unique overnight stay in a group accommodation
6. Unique overnight stay in a glamping tent
7. Unique overnight stay in a safaritent
8. Unique accommodation with wellness
9.Unique overnight stay in a boutique hotel

Why book a special stay through Vipio?
Vipio is the platform for special accommodations and unique holidays. On Vipio you will only find accommodations with the wow factor. The uniqueness of the accommodations is determined by the location, the interior or the type of accommodation. Overnight stays at Vipio provide lifelong memories. Experience it yourself and book one of the hundreds of nights at Vipio. Thousands of people have already gone before you. Book cheap, safe and fast on Vipio. Our customer service is available 5 days a week to answer your questions.

When is an overnight stay unique?
Every accommodation at Vipio is reviewed by our team. Among other things, they look at the location, the type of accommodation and the interior. As soon as our specialists feel that an accommodation has the wow factor, we include it in our stays. This way you will find on Vipio a diverse range of stays in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe. Vipio is the booking platform for special nights and unique holidays!

Experience it yourself
Everyone who books a unique overnight stay on Vipio has the possibility to leave a review about the accommodation after the check-out date. This way, everyone who wants to book this accommodation can read the positive and possible less good experiences. That the accommodations at Vipio are unique and special is shown by the fact that more than 95% of our visitors leave a positive review. Would you like to read the reviews as well? View all reviews on Vipio here.

Offer unique accommodations
Do you have a campsite, B&B, vacation park or hotel with a unique accommodation? Then you can offer it on Vipio. Hosting on Vipio has some big advantages compared to other websites. Only people who are looking for something special come to Vipio, which increases the chance of getting booked. In addition, visitors to Vipio can book directly and we take care of payment for the landlords. And all that for a low commission. More information about listing on Vipio can be found at