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Are you also so ready for a short vacation or weekend getaway? And do you want to make sure your stay is unforgettable? Then, of course, you should not book standard accommodation. For example, consider spending the night in a yurt. A yurt is a large tent consisting of 1 large open space. Inside this tent is both luxurious and cozy so you can really enjoy a moment together. On Vipio you can find several special yurts for a unique night you will probably never forget. See below the yurts on Vipio
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What exactly is a yurt?

A yurt (or yurt) is a tent that has been used by nomads in Mongolia for many centuries. Yurts were relatively easy to carry on their treks. A yurt is a dome-shaped tent with a wooden frame. The wooden base is then covered with an insulating layer of felt. Then a layer of protective canvas is placed on top of the tent. This makes a yurt nice and warm and resistant to all weather conditions. Often the tents are also decorated on the outside. 

Sleeping in a yurt

Most yurts that can be booked at Vipio are luxuriously furnished so that you lack nothing during your stay. You sleep on real beds and often have the option of using a shower and toilet. Because of this, sleeping in a yurt doesn't feel at all like spending the night in a tent, but more like spending the night in a holiday home. The tents can also be booked in winter because they have a stove or fireplace. Cozy!

Yurt with hot tub

If you want to surprise your loved one with a romantic overnight stay, of course you can book a hotel in a city. But that is a bit standard. Much nicer is therefore to book a yurt at Vipio that has its own hot tub! We have several yurts with this feature. How about this yurt in North Holland with hot tub or this yurt with hot tub and sauna.

Spending the night in a yurt in summer and winter

A yurt is an ideal glamping accommodation in both summer and winter. Because of the felt covering, a yurt is very well insulated and therefore it stays nice and cool inside in the summer. And even in the colder months of the year, a yurt is a great choice for a weekend getaway. This is because the yurt has room for a wood-burning stove. In the roof of the yurt is an opening for the stove's pipe. Thanks to the insulating material, it stays nice and warm inside. The yurts at Vipio are therefore booked all year round for a night or weekend away. But also for a (short) holiday a yurt is an excellent accommodation. 

Where can you find yurts to rent?

Because of the many advantages of a yurt, you see that more and more campsites and vacation parks are putting up yurts for guests to rent. In addition, these days yurts are also placed in gardens of B&Bs. These tents often have a beautiful location in the woods or on the edge of a meadow, giving you a beautiful view. Take a look at this boutique yurt, for example. Wherever the yurt is located, we are sure you will have an unforgettable night! 

Is a yurt night the same as glamping?

Glamping is all about camping in luxury. With glamping, you have access to the same facilities as you would find in a holiday home. The difference is that with glamping you experience much more of the outdoors feeling. As with safaritents for example, a yurt also has many facilities at your disposal. The yurts can also be found in the overview of glamping accommodations on Vipio. 

Is a yurt fun for children?

A yurt can certainly be fun for children and offers a great holiday experience for families. An overnight stay in a yurt is a unique and adventurous experience for children. It is different from a standard hotel room and can make them feel like they are staying in a special, extraordinary environment. In addition, the round shape of a yurt creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere where family members can easily communicate with each other and spend quality time playing games, for example. Are you looking for a yurt for your family? Then book this yurt for 4 persons or this large yurt for 2 to 4 persons.

Give a special night in a yurt as a gift

Would you like to surprise someone with a nice overnight stay in a yurt? Then we would like to refer you to our Vipio gift certificate. With this gift certificate someone can choose a nice night in a yurt at Vipio. The Vipio gift certificate is a nice gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or just as a thank you. Go to the Vipio gift voucher

Rent a yurt on Vipio

Are you the owner or manager of yurt being rented out to guests? Then you can also offer your yurt on Vipio for rent. We will look for more guests for you. We also arrange all payments. And with Vipio it always applies: no bookings is no costs. Would you like more information about renting out a yurt at Vipio? Please contact our team at sales@vipio.com or go to https://www.vipio.com/en/offer.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a yurt and a ger?

The terms yurt, yurt and ger are often used interchangeably and actually refer to the same type of round, portable tent traditionally used by nomadic peoples in Central Asia. There is no essential difference between the tents and the words are simply used in different cultures and languages. So while there is no essential difference between these terms, the use of the word yurt is the most common and is the most widely used worldwide.