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Sleeping in a mill

Always dreamed of spending the night in an authentic mill? At Vipio you can choose from a wide selection of mills, including water mills, wind mills, polder mills and grain mills. All mills have been used for specific purposes in the past. Now they offer you the opportunity to enjoy their rich history and unique ambiance. Whether you choose a romantic getaway with your partner or a family vacation, staying overnight in these centuries-old mills at Vipio promises an unforgettable and historical experience. Discover our stays at mills across Europe and book your favorite quickly.
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Spend the night in a mill

On Vipio, you can find many unique and historical mills. The iconic and timeless structures that grace the landscape are much more than just beautiful landmarks. For centuries, these historical accommodations have played a crucial role in the daily lives of communities around the world. Mills once served an essential purpose; for example, a water mill was used to generate energy, and polder mills were essential in the dewatering of land in the Netherlands. Many of the mills offered at Vipio have been restored, giving you, the guest, the chance to stay overnight in these historical gems. A mill may not be the first thing you think of when looking for a night or weekend getaway, but it is something unique that you must have experienced once. For your next holiday or weekend getaway, check out this 1851 mill in South Holland.

A romantic overnight stay in a windmill

Are you thinking about your next romantic getaway and can't decide? Then take a look at the stays at Vipio, you can find several romantic mills like this old corn mill suitable for 2 people. A mill can offer a unique and historical haven for couples and gives the chance to enjoy the peace and serenity of an atmospheric environment together. While staying in a mill surrounded by peaceful nature or idyllic landscapes, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life together, such as long walks, cozy candlelit dinners and nights under twinkling stars. Thus, this polder mill offers you plenty of peace and privacy through its beautiful and peaceful surroundings. 

Ancient mills to sleep in

The oldest mill known dates back to 200 BC. Over the centuries, mills have evolved and have been used worldwide for various purposes. Many mills have been lost over the years because they were no longer used or were destroyed by wars. Fortunately, however, many mills have remained standing and mostly restored, creating unique accommodations. One of the oldest mills on Vipio is this windmill from the year 1590, with a favorable wind the mill still turns. 

Sleeping in a mill with children

Mills offer a unique and educational holiday experience for families with children. Many accommodations are surrounded by plenty of space and nature, this gives children plenty of opportunities to play outdoors. It also provides an opportunity for children to learn about the history of mills and their functions. This holiday home in a mill has room for 6 people and is ideal for families with children. This water mill is also suitable to go with children, it is located on the space which gives children a lot of freedom to play. 

Where are the mills located?

The mills on Vipio are located in Europe and mainly Holland, Germany and France. Mills in France are an integral part of the rural landscape and range from traditional water mills on picturesque rivers to beautiful windmills on rolling hills. In Germany, you will find various types of mills in different regions, and each region has its own unique mill architecture. From characteristic windmills in northern Germany to idyllic water mills in Bavaria. Mills in the Netherlands are iconic and an essential part of the national landscape. Among other things, the mills here were used for grinding grain and keeping polders dry.

Give a special overnight stay in a windmill as a gift

Would you like to surprise someone with a nice overnight stay in a mill? Then we would like to refer you to our Vipio gift certificate. With this gift certificate, someone can choose a nice overnight stay in a mill at Vipio. The Vipio gift certificate is a nice gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or just as a thank you. Go to the Vipio gift voucher

List your own mill on Vipio

Are you the proud owner of a mill somewhere in Europe and would you like to offer it on Vipio? Our visitors are specifically looking for stays they will never forget. Staying in a mill is certainly an accommodation that can provide an unforgettable experience. You can easily create an account for free on Vipio and then offer your accommodation. Once approved by our team, guests can book the mill and all you have to do is host the guests. For more information, check out the rentals page on our website or email your question to
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