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Sleeping in a castle or mansion is really something that you must have done once in your life! Sleeping in a castle feels like a fairy tale and gives you the feeling that you are back in the middle ages, but with all the luxury of today. A very special experience. On Vipio you will find castles in the Netherlands and Belgium where you can book a room and feel like a prince or princess. Often you can also enjoy beautiful walks in the woods or in the castle garden. View all castles and mansions below and book your favorite right away. 
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Where can you spend the night in a castle?

The Netherlands and Belgium still have a total of more than 4,000 castles. Some of these castles have been converted into castle hotels or bed and breakfasts where you can spend a special night. The castles are scattered over the Netherlands and Belgium. For example, you can stay in this special castle in South Holland, this castle in Limburg or in this castle in the province of Utrecht. However, it is not only castles where you can spend the night. For example, on Vipio you can also find special accommodation in medieval city gates. How about this city gate in Zwolle or this unique city gate in Zeeland.

Night or weekend in a castle

If you also want to spend a night in a castle, you can be sure that you will spend a special night. After all, the atmosphere of a castle hotel or an old manor house cannot be compared to any other accommodation. Upon entering the hotel you will immediately notice that you are stepping into another world. After all, in the medieval castles that have been converted into overnight accommodation, you can often still see the centuries-old beams, historical staircases and you can walk through the castle gardens. Castle stays are therefore among the most popular overnight stays on Vipio. By the way, do you want to book an entire castle all to yourself? When staying in this castle in Gelderland, you can actually book all 3 bedrooms at the same time. A castle weekend you will never forget.

A romantic stay in a castle

Spending the night in a castle is often very romantic. A night in a castle is therefore ideal if you want to surprise your loved one with a romantic gift for Mother's Day, Christmas or Valentine's Day, for example. You will probably always remember a night in a castle. At some castles it is even possible to make the night even more romantic with, for example, a champagne breakfast or with rose petals on the bed. What will you sleep well and we are very curious what your partner will think of this fantastic gift!

Spend the night in a chateau

In France and in Belgium you have beautiful chateaus where you can spend the night. The location of these chateaus is often very different. You can find chateaus in the middle of the forest where you can enjoy peace and quiet, but you can also find chateaus in the middle of villages and cities. In short, something for everyone. Also on Vipio you can book an overnight stay in such a chateau. How about an overnight stay in this medieval tower overlooking the moat or this apartment in a chateau with swimming pool.

Modern castle for children

Are you going on holiday with your children and do they like knights and princesses, but not so much old castles? Then we have some great options especially for you at Vipio! For example, how about staying in this modern wooden castle for 10 people. A wonderful place where you can go for example with a large family and/or friends for a weekend, but of course you can also go on holiday! This accommodation is located on a fun and versatile campsite near the German border in Overijssel. Are you going on holiday alone with your family? Then this bungalow in a knights and princesses theme is exactly what you are looking for. The whole bungalow has the atmosphere of an old castle. We are sure your children will want to stay here forever.

If you have not found the castle or mansion you are looking for on Vipio at the moment. Then come back again soon. Because there are constantly new castles and manors in the Netherlands and Belgium posted on Vipio. Who knows, maybe you will find your dream castle. Otherwise, look around on Vipio at all the other unique accommodations. Chances are you will find a special accommodation where you want to spend a weekend.

Offer castle accommodation on Vipio

Are you the owner/manager of a castle or chateau in the Netherlands or Belgium and would you like to rent the rooms on Vipio? You can. Visitors of Vipio are frequently looking for castle accommodations. For more information about offering a castle on Vipio, please contact sales@vipio.com or visit this page.