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Are you planning a vacation and are you looking for a luxurious, spacious or special vacation villa? Then you have come to the right place at Vipio. At Vipio you can book the most beautiful vacation villas in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and the rest of Europe. The vacation villas on Vipio all have something special. This may be because of the unique location, a beautiful design or extras such as a private hot tub or sauna. Book the following vacation villas cheap, safe and quick on Vipio. But don't wait too long because before you know it these special accommodations are fully booked
Life is too short to endure boring stays. Book something that is truly special!
We don't offer endless types of accommodations. Only the really special spots!
Our stays are selected by people. Not by algorithms!
A special overnight stay Is a memory for life!
Special vacation villa rental
If you want to go away for the weekend or are planning a (short) holiday you have a lot of choice. Will you go for a hotel, a campsite or a vacation park? If you have decided that you want to rent a holiday home, again you have a huge choice. On Vipio you will find a huge range of holiday homes. From large to small. Do you travel with many people or do you like luxury? Then a vacation villa is for you. Especially for you, we have made a selection of the most beautiful vacation villas on our site. Check them all out and book your favorite!

Vacation villa with wellness
If you really want to relax during your stay in a vacation villa, you can find several houses on Vipio that have their own hot tub, jacuzzi or sauna. You can enjoy this in all privacy. We are sure you will go home completely relaxed. For example, book this four-person villa with hot tub, this wellness villa in Limburg or this unique vacation villa with jacuzzi in Austria.

Vacation villa for large groups

Are you looking for a holiday home for more than 8 people? Then we can heartily recommend the group accommodations on Vipio. These are special accommodations especially for groups such as a family, group of friends or a department of a company. How about this vacation villa with private pool for 14 persons or this vacation villa for 12 persons near Maastricht? Otherwise, check out all the special group accommodations here on Vipio.

What is the difference between a holiday villa and a holiday home?
On Vipio you can rent both special holiday homes and special holiday villas. But what exactly is the difference? A holiday villa is basically a large, detached holiday home with a garden and possible extras such as a swimming pool. A good example of a vacation villa is this accommodation in Brabant. This villa is among the most beautiful vacation villas in the Netherlands. A holiday home is generally smaller than a holiday villa and has fewer luxury facilities. Also, you can often stay overnight with fewer people. A good example of a special holiday home is this forest cabin. Small but nice!

Rent your own vacation villa through Vipio
Are you the manager of a vacation park with vacation villas or are you the owner of a vacation villa and would you like to rent it through Vipio? You can! We welcome you. Offering a vacation villa through Vipio has a number of advantages. Listing on Vipio is completely free (only a small commission when booking), we can connect with most calendars and we take care of all the payments. Want to know more? Contact us at or learn more at