Frequently asked questions


What is Vipio?

Vipio is a platform where unique overnight stays and special vacations are offered. The accommodations on Vipio all have the wow factor and are nights you won't forget for the rest of your life. Think about sleeping in a tree house, in a lighthouse, on a deserted island or in a romantic castle. You can find it all on Vipio.

Who is Vipio?

Vipio was founded by 3 former employees of the internationally known auction platform Catawiki. Together with a team of enthusiastic specialists they make Vipio the platform for unique stays and special vacations.

Login and account

How do I create an account on Vipio?

To create an account on Vipio, go to the homepage and click the green "Register" button at the top right. It is not necessary to create an account if you want to book an overnight stay on Vipio.

Is creating an account at Vipio free?

Creating an account on Vipio is completely free. We also do NOT charge a booking fee on top of the price set by the hosts. You do not need an account to make a booking.

When registering I get the message 'email address already exists'.

You can only create one account with one email address. You may have created an account with Vipio in the past. In that case it is best to request a new password. You can do so by clicking "Forgot your password?" on the login page. You will then receive an email with a link to the page where you can set a new password.

Will my data be shared with third parties?

At Vipio, privacy is of paramount importance. Your details will never be made public and we will never pass your details on to third parties. Only when you make a booking will your name and address be passed on to the landlord.

I forgot my password

If you have forgotten your password, go to the login page and click on 'forgot password'. You will then receive an email from us with a link which you can use to reset your password.

How can I change my password?

To create a new password, go to your profile page under 'My Profile'. On the left side you will find the heading 'Password'. Click on it and then you can change your password.

How do I log out?

If you are logged in and want to log out of Vipio you can go to your account from the homepage (top right of the menu bar). If you then hover your mouse / cursor over your name, a menu will appear. At the very bottom of this menu is Logout.

How can I delete my account?

If you want to delete your account, first go to your account page and then to settings. At the top right of this page you will see 'delete account'. Click on it and follow the steps.

Can I book with Vipio without an account?

Without an account you can book accommodation on Vipio from the fixed offer. After booking we do need your details so that we or the landlord can contact you if necessary.

What are favorites?

By clicking on the heart of the accommodation of your choice you mark it as your favorite. This way you can easily find the accommodation again.


How to make a booking

Once you have found an accommodation on Vipio you would like to book you select an available date. If you want to book the selected date, simply click on book. This will take you to the payment page. After payment you will receive a booking confirmation.

How do I know if an accommodation is still available?

At each accommodation on Vipio there is a calendar. In this calendar you can see which dates are still available and which ones are occupied.

Can I see the address of an accommodation?

You will receive the address of an accommodation immediately after paying for the booking. Due to privacy laws we are not allowed to show the address details of accommodations before a booking is made.

I would like to book one day less than indicated

Some accommodations at Vipio have a required number of minimum nights. In the calendar of this accommodation it is not possible to book less nights. The landlords have deliberately set this requirement and do not deviate from it.

I don't want to book right away. Can I take an option online?

The accommodations at Vipio are very popular and are often booked. Therefore, it is only possible to book directly.

Does a baby count as a person?

In principle, a baby counts as a travelling person. For each accommodation it is stated how many persons are allowed. This is the total number of adults, children and babies that may stay in the accommodation.

Can I change anything about my booking?

In principle you cannot change anything after you have made a booking. If you do have urgent questions about your booking, it is best to contact the landlord directly.

What happens after I have booked?

After you have booked, you will receive a booking confirmation by email. At the same time we will forward your booking to the accommodation. From the accommodation you will then receive any other information. NB Travel agreements are an exception to the 'Distance Selling Act' and are therefore not eligible for a 14 day right of withdrawal ('cooling off period').

I did not receive a booking confirmation?

Normally the booking confirmation is sent to your email address immediately after you book on Vipio. If you have not received the confirmation after 15 minutes, please check your spam box (unwanted e-mail). If the booking confirmation cannot be found there either, then you can send an e-mail to with the problem and your name.

Is it possible to deviate from the minimum number of nights

The minimum number of nights you can book is deliberately introduced by the landlord. Unfortunately it is not possible to deviate from this.

How far in advance can I book?

The period that you can book ahead varies by accommodation. For each accommodation a calendar is displayed. This stops when you cannot book further in advance.

How do I know if an accommodation is suitable for disabled people?

Not all accommodations at Vipio are accessible to disabled persons. In the search result you can use filters on the left. By selecting the filter 'Disabled' you will see all accommodations which are suitable for disabled persons.

Can I bring my dog to an accommodation?

Not all accommodations at Vipio allow you to bring a dog (pet). In the search result you can use filters on the left side. Under the filter 'Characteristics' you will find 'Pets allowed'. By selecting this you will see all accommodations where you can bring a pet.

I have lost my booking confirmation

Confirmations are always sent by us via e-mail. If you have not received the confirmation please check your spam / junk mail. Have you lost your confirmation? Please send an email to

How long can you rent an accommodation?

It varies per accommodation how long it can be rented. However, most accommodations can be booked for a maximum of 3 consecutive weeks.

Can I ask the landlord a question before I book?

It is only possible to contact the landlord after you have booked and paid. However, we can forward important questions to the landlord prior to booking.

I can't select my preferred arrival or departure day

Some accommodations have fixed arrival and departure days. This means that you cannot arrive or depart on just any day. In the calendar you can only select those dates. Unfortunately these accommodations do not deviate from this.

Is a QR code / vaccination mandatory

For an overnight stay in detached vacation homes / accommodations, a QR code is not mandatory in the Netherlands. Hotels may be an exception. Please contact us to find out to be sure.

Can I also get a VAT invoice from my booking?

When you book on Vipio, you basically enter into a direct agreement with the landlord. The travel sum you pay goes directly to the landlord via Vipio. For a VAT invoice we refer you to the landlord of the accommodation you have booked.


How can I cancel a booking?

Landlords choose their own cancellation policies at Vipio, which may vary from accommodation to accommodation. The conditions are clearly stated in the advertisement on Vipio. If you want to cancel a booking on Vipio you can do so by sending an email with your name and booking number to To avoid any cancellation fees you can always contact the landlord/owner of the accommodation first to ask if you can rebook. However, this is not always possible. A good travel insurance may then compensate the cancellation costs.

Can I buy cancellation insurance from Vipio?

It is not possible to take out a cancellation insurance with Vipio.

Can I cancel for free within 24 hours?

Because we understand that anyone can make a mistake, we allow our users to cancel a booking within 24 hours without the cancellation rules applying. However, we do charge a 10% administration fee for this 24-hour cancellation.


When do I have to pay?

On Vipio you book inexpensively, safely and quickly. When booking, the total travel sum must be paid immediately. At Vipio you can pay with iDeal or credit card.

Can I also pay at the accommodation?

No, the travel price for renting an accommodation you always pay directly through Vipio and cannot be paid at the accommodation.

Can I pay in installments (spread out)?

No, the amount for a booking must be paid immediately in total. At Vipio you pay safely, economically and quickly via iDeal or credit card.

Who do I pay to?

The purchase amount is first transferred to Vipio. We transfer part of the money immediately to the accommodation. The other part we put safely in a so-called third-party account until you have checked in. Only then is the landlord paid in full from that account.

I have already paid, but forgot to use my discount code

Subsequent use or settlement of discount via a discount code or coupon is unfortunately not possible.

How do I get a discount code / action code from Vipio?

Vipio sometimes provides discount codes during promotions. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date with all our promotions.

Do I also have to pay a deposit?

Some accommodations at Vipio require a security deposit. If a security deposit is required, the amount is always clearly stated at the accommodation. The deposit always has to be paid upon arrival. It varies per accommodation whether you can pay it by pin or contact.

Does the rental fee I paid include all additional charges?

In addition to the rental fee, some accommodations have a number of mandatory additional costs. Think for example of the mandatory costs for final cleaning. There may also be optional costs. For example, for the use of towels. This is always stated in the accommodation on Vipio.

How can I pay at Vipio?

At Vipio you can pay via iDeal or credit card.

I have paid, now what?

If you have successfully completed the payment, your booking is final. You will receive a booking confirmation by email with information on how to proceed. Please read this booking confirmation carefully, because the processing is not the same for every booking.

Questions about your stay / accommodation

Where exactly is the accommodation located?

After the payment of the travel sum you will receive a booking confirmation. On it you will find the exact address of the accommodation.

Can I arrive/depart at a different time?

If you would like to arrive and/or depart at a different time, in some cases this is possible. After booking you can contact the landlord to discuss this. Note: later check-in or check-out is an exception and not possible with all providers.

What should I do if no one is present (at the key address)?

If no one is present at the location or key address please contact the landlord. You can find the landlord's phone number on the booking confirmation you received from Vipio.

What should I do if something is not right during my stay?

If something is wrong during your stay you should contact the landlord. The landlord's phone number is on the booking confirmation you received from Vipio.

Is the accommodation cleaned or do I have to do it myself?

Unless otherwise indicated, you do not have to clean the accommodation yourself. However, we do ask that you leave the accommodation in a proper state (broom clean). In addition, it varies per accommodation whether the cleaning fee has to be paid on the spot or is included in the rental price.

When can I check in and/or check out?

Each accommodation on Vipio will indicate when you can check in and out.

Do I need to bring my own bed linen?

It varies per accommodation whether you need to bring your own bed linen. In most cases this can be found in the description of the accommodation. If it is not clear, you can always contact the landlord after booking. The phone number and email address of the landlord can be found on the booking confirmation you received from Vipio.

Do I need to bring my own towels?

It varies per accommodation whether you need to bring your own towels. In most cases this can be found in the description of the accommodation. If it is not clear, you can always contact the landlord after booking. The phone number and email address of the landlord can be found on the booking confirmation you received from Vipio.

Who is liable for damages?

The tenant of an accommodation is responsible for any damage caused. If there is any damage you should report it to the landlord of the accommodation (his/her details are on your booking confirmation).

Do I also have to pay tourist tax?

This differs per accommodation. At some accommodations, the tourist tax is already included in the travel sum, at other accommodations it is a mandatory fee that you must pay at the time of booking and it is also possible that you will have to pay the tourist tax at the time of check-out. Look carefully at the description and features of the accommodation. If there is no mention of tourist tax, this is probably included in the total travel sum.


Kan ik een Vipio cadeaubon kopen?

Met de Vipio cadeaubon kan de ontvanger zelf op Vipio een onvergetelijke overnachting of vakantie uitzoeken. De Vipio cadeaubon is dan ook een ideaal cadeau voor een huwelijk, verjaardag, jubileum, kerstpakket, liefdescadeau of andere aangelegenheid. Ga naar en stel je cadeaubon samen.

Hoe kan ik een Vipio cadeaubon inwisselen?

Nadat je een bijzondere overnachting op Vipio hebt gevonden selecteer je een datum en klik je op 'Boek nu'. Op de volgende pagina moet je jouw gegevens invoeren. Als je daarmee klaar bent dan klik je op 'Mijn boeking bevestigen'. Je komt nu op de betaalpagina en daar kun je de kortingscode die op je cadeaubon staat invoeren. De waarde van de cadeaubon wordt dan in mindering gebracht op de totaalprijs van je boeking.

Hoe lang is een cadeaubon geldig

De Vipio cadeaubon is geldig tot 2 jaar na uitgifte. Op de cadeaubon wordt deze datum weergegeven.

Wat zijn de voorwaarden van de Vipio cadeaubon?

* De Vipio cadeaubon is alleen te gebruiken bij een boeking van een accommodatie op Vipio.
* De Vipio cadeaubon is geldig tot 2 jaar na aanschaf en de vervaldatum wordt vermeld op de cadeaubon.
* De waarde van de cadeaubon wordt in mindering gebracht op de totaalprijs van een boeking.
* Het saldo van de cadeaubon dient in één keer te worden gebruikt.
* Als de totaalprijs van een boeking lager is dan de waarde van een cadeaubon dan vervalt het overgebleven bedrag van de cadeaubon.
* Er kan per boeking maximaal 1 Vipio cadeaubon worden gebruikt.
* De cadeaubon kan onder geen beding worden ingewisseld voor geld.
* Een cadeaubon kan niet worden gebruikt voor een boeking die al is afgerond.
* Op Vipio cadeaubonnen is het herroepingsrecht niet van toepassing.
* Cadeaubonnen kunnen niet geretourneerd worden.
* Bij een annulering van een boeking die (gedeeltelijk) is betaald met een cadeaubon wordt het bedrag, dat overblijft na aftrek van de annuleringskosten, omgezet in een nieuwe cadeaubon.
* Het risico op verlies en eigendom van de cadeaubonnen gaat over op de koper op het moment van de elektronische overdracht van de cadeaubon naar de koper of door de koper aangewezen ontvanger. Vipio is niet verantwoordelijk voor een cadeaubon die is verloren, gestolen, vernietigd of zonder jouw toestemming is gebruikt.