5 tips for more bookings

You own or manage a hotel, holiday park, campground, holiday home or B&B and you have everything going well. The only thing missing is good occupancy. Some bookings are coming in, but you are far from full. Now what? To ensure that you receive more bookings soon, we have 5 golden tips for you as a host! Follow these tips and we are convinced that you will soon receive more bookings!

5 golden tips for more bookings

1. Make a good first impression
The first impression someone gets of your lodging is often what determines whether someone will book or not. The first thing potential Main guests look at are the photos. It is therefore very important to upload good photos of the inside and outside of your accommodation on Vipio. The more photos the better. After all, someone wants to know where they are going to end up. Also, be sure not to forget to add photos of the surroundings. Show where they can get a cup of coffee or a nice lunch, for example. Can't manage to take nice pictures yourself? Then have a professional photographer come and photograph your accommodation. This investment can often pay off quickly. See below for a good example of an appealing photo.

Kies voor een aansprekende foto
2. Always give as much information as possible
Make sure you give as much information as possible to the potential guest. If someone cannot find the information they think is important then chances are they will look at another accommodation anyway. In addition to all the basic information such as the number of people, price and number of bedrooms, it is also important to give information about whether there is wifi, whether bed linen/towels are provided and whether the kitchen has a dishwasher. In addition, people also like to know how far it is to a restaurant or to the woods/beach. This can really make the difference whether you get booked often or infrequently. At Vipio, we therefore write a nice catchy text with this information completely free of charge for you.
3. Provide something extra
In the Netherlands, you can find thousands of accommodations. Competition is fierce. If you want people to choose your accommodation, it may pay off to offer your guests something extra. For example, if your accommodation has a sauna or hot tub, this can have a positive effect on customers. Also, allowing pets often results in more bookings. This may cost you extra time for cleaning, but you will increase your target group. Possibly you can also think about providing free bicycles. All these things ensure that guests tend to book your accommodation faster.

4. Provide good reviews
On Vipio, guests who have booked through us can leave a review. Accommodations with good reviews are booked more often than accommodations with less good reviews. It is therefore important to let guests leave with the best possible feeling. For example, have a bottle of wine ready on arrival or ask halfway through your stay if everything is still satisfactory. It is often the little things that make guests write positive reviews.

5. Set the right price
Before people book, they naturally look at the price of an overnight stay. Determining the right price-quality ratio is very important. You have to make sure that your price matches the accommodation you are offering. If you are booked very little while you have wonderful accommodation then your price may be too high. Furthermore, it is important to make sure that your price is clear. Try not to "cleverly" increase the price of an overnight stay by charging a high cleaning fee, for example. This often has a negative effect on the number of bookings. What can work well is to temporarily lower your price during periods of low bookings. At Vipio you can then offer your accommodation for our special day offer. This quickly leads to more bookings.

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