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Are you looking for a beautiful safari tent for a weekend or a nice vacation? At Vipio you will find beautiful safari tents that you can rent directly. The safari tents can be booked for 2 people or for a whole family. At Vipio you will always benefit from the lowest rates and you can book easily and quickly. 
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Safari tents were first used long ago as accommodation for hunters going on safari in Africa. Fortunately, nowadays safaritents are only used to accommodate tourists. For some years now, you can rent safaritents all over the world at campsites and vacation parks as a form of glamping. With glamping, you spend the night in a spacious tent that has the furnishings of a hotel room. The safaritents often have luxurious beds, a bathroom and small kitchen. Other names for the safaritent include safari tent. lodge tent and villa tent.

Renting a safaritent
If you are looking for a Safari tent, Vipio is the place to be. At Vipio you can find all kinds of safaritents. You can book safaritents on Ameland, for example, but also on campsites in Drenthe. Most safaritents are for families, but we also have 2-person tents that are very romantic.
What should you pay attention to when renting a safaritent?
If you want to rent a safaritent for a nice holiday or weekend, we have some tips for you to consider. These things are very important if you want your stay to be unforgettable in a positive way.

1. How big is the safaritent?
Safari tents come in all shapes and sizes. From very large to very small. If you go on holiday with your family, it is of course important that you have enough space and everyone has his or her own bed. When you book a safaritent at Vipio, it is always clearly indicated for how many people the tent is suitable. You can also see in the ad how the bedrooms are divided. Often a safaritent also has bunk beds that are only suitable for children.

2. What are the facilities of the safaritent?
Do you like luxury or do you like to experience the real camping feeling during your stay? Then pay close attention to the tent's facilities when renting a safaritent. For example, does the tent have its own bathroom and kitchen or do you have to use a communal building to do so. If you find it important to be able to shower and cook in your own tent, we recommend booking a tent that has these facilities.

3. Where is the safaritent located?
At Vipio you can find safaritents with lots of privacy, but also tents in the middle of a busy campsite. If you like your tent to be located in a lively / children's area, that's fine. Would you rather enjoy your peace and quiet and nature? Then choose a safaritent that is just a bit remote. In the advertisements of the tents on Vipio we describe exactly what you can expect. This way you always make the choice that suits you.

Rent a safaritent from Vipio
Do you have a campsite or holiday park where you rent out safaritents for holidays or a weekend away? Then you can also offer them on Vipio. Renting through Vipio is cheap and easy. Go to https://www.vipio.com/en/offer for more information about Vipio or send an email to sales@vipio.com.