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Pipo wagon
In the past, fairground people and circus performers traveled around the country in a pipo wagon or caravan. Nowadays, these authentic gypsy wagons are no longer used for this purpose. Many gypsy caravans have been converted into special accommodations that you can book to sleep in. The gypsy caravans are often placed on a camping, vacation park or as bed and breakfast in people's gardens. Sleeping in a gypsy wagon or caravan is often very special. They are actually fully furnished houses on wheels. Experience what it is like to sleep in a gypsy wagon and rent one of the accommodations below for a nice weekend or short vacation.
Why is sleeping in a gypsy wagon so much fun?
To answer this question you really only need to look at a gypsy wagon. Because say yourself, the sight of such a cheerful wagon makes you happy right away. The gypsy caravans that you can rent in the Netherlands and Belgium are often painted in beautiful colors and the interior is cozy and pleasant. Most of the gypsy caravans also have a porch or a terrace with a table and chairs so that you can sit outside when the weather is nice and sunny. At Vipio you will find all sorts of types and sizes of gypsy caravans. There are gypsy caravans for 2 persons, but also big gypsy caravans where you can sleep with up to 6 people. And if you are looking for a luxury gypsy caravan, Vipio is the place to go. For example, book a pipo wagon including a sauna and jacuzzi.

Where can you find the pipowagen?
Nowadays you can rent pipowagen everywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium for a nice overnight stay. Are you looking for a pipowagen in a specific province? Check out the selection of piped wagons in the different provinces below:
Didn't you find the gypsy wagon or caravan you want to book? No worries. On Vipio new gypsy caravans in the Netherlands or Belgium are constantly posted for rent. So come back soon to see if you can rent the gypsy wagon you are looking for. Of course you can also check out all the other extraordinary overnight stays on Vipio.

Offering a gypsy wagon on Vipio
Do you have a gypsy wagon that you rent out for overnight stays and would like to offer it on Vipio? That is possible. Listing on Vipio is very simple and has some great advantages. We take care of all the payments and you only pay commission when you book. So no bookings is also no cost. Go to for more information about listing on Vipio.