Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I want to rent out my accommodation through Vipio?

Thank you for offering your special accommodation through Vipio. You can offer your accommodation through We will then review your accommodation as soon as possible.

When is an accommodation special enough to offer at Vipio?

We assess on the basis of the type of accommodation, the location and/or the furnishings of an accommodation. If you think your accommodation is eligible for Vipio, you can always submit it free of charge. You will then receive feedback from us within a few days.

Does the commission include or exclude VAT?

The commission due to Vipio on a booking is exclusive of VAT

When will I be paid on a booking?

As the host, you will receive the travel price (minus 10% commission and 3% payment fee) from the guests within 3 business days of the check-in date. Until then, the travel sum is safely in a third-party account.

What if I need to cancel a booking as a landlord?

If a landlord has to cancel a booking due to, for example, double bookings or (weather) conditions then as a landlord you are always responsible for reimbursing the guest. Our advice is to first try to find an alternative date for the guest. If a guest does not want to make use of this, then as a landlord you are responsible for the refund. On request we can speed up the payment of the booking so that you can immediately repay the tenant yourself. Please note: If you use an iCal link, make sure it is directly linked to ALL other websites where you can be booked! A link with for example only your own website is not enough. This will prevent double bookings as much as possible.

Can I communicate with the tenant after a booking?

At the time of booking both the tenant and the landlord receive a booking confirmation from us. This confirmation contains the contact details of the tenant and landlord respectively. This way you can contact each other after booking.

When will I hear when my accommodation has been approved by Vipio?

If you have registered your accommodation(s) with Vipio, you will normally receive a response from us within 3 working days. If you have not received a response then please check your spam folder (unwanted mail).

How high is Vipio's commission?

Registering and offering an accommodation with Vipio is free of charge. Only when your accommodation is booked (via fixed offer or daily offer) will you pay 10% commission plus a 3% contribution for our payment costs (excluding VAT).

Why is my accommodation not approved?

Vipio's offer consists of accommodations that have something special or something extra. We mainly look at the accommodation itself, the location and/or the interior. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to refuse accommodations because we don't think they are special enough.

Where can I find my bookings?

Log in to Vipio and go to 'My hosting overview' via the menu. Here you will find all information about your bookings on Vipio.

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