10 romantic overnight stays in the Netherlands

Who will you surprise with a romantic overnight stay?
Do you and your loved one have something to celebrate or do you just want to spend some quality time together? Then book an overnight stay and surprise your loved one! Of course you can do that in an ordinary hotel, but of course you make it much more special if you book an overnight stay that is very special. On Vipio you will find many romantic overnight stays in the Netherlands that are so unique that you will probably never forget them. Below we have collected 10 romantic accommodations for you that can be called special in several ways. The accommodations can all be booked directly through Vipio. However, do not wait too long, because these accommodations are very popular!

10 Romantic accommodations in the Netherlands
1. Romantic sleeping in a real castle
What could be more romantic than sleeping together in a fairytale castle. And how special is it then if in that same room no one less than William of Orange spent the night. This Limburg castle has a history dating back to the 11th century. The castle therefore has many original and authentic features. However, the room is equipped with all modern conveniences. You sleep on a large double bed and in the bathroom you will find a generous walk-in shower. It is also possible to dine in the castle. Romanticism at its finest! View this accommodation

Romantisch kasteel
2. Bathing in luxury in the heart of Amsterdam
In the center of Amsterdam lies this extraordinary mansion. Originally a 15th century monastery, it has been completely converted into a Victorian-style apartment. You have your own kitchen, living room and bedroom with a king-size bed wrapped in the finest cotton, and a copper bathtub adorns vintage steel sinks and a fireplace. The accommodation is close to all of Amsterdam's attractions. After a day in the city, you can unwind here in the evening to yourself and each other. View this accommodation

Luxe appartement in Amsterdam
3. Private sauna boat!
Romance, nature experience and luxury go together perfectly on this beautiful boat. This accommodation has a very modern interior and a unique atmosphere. Not only has beautiful natural materials been used, nature is literally all around you. In fact, from the cozy bed you look straight out onto the waterline of the Oude Rijn river. A nice place for those seeking peace and quiet. But it is not only the nature and the luxurious interior that you can enjoy. The boat is equipped with a wood-fired sauna! This makes this overnight stay even more special. And if the sauna gets too hot you can take a dip in the water from the swimming deck to cool off. The boat and sauna can be booked all year round. View this accommodation

Unieke saunaboot
4. Sleeping in an igloo made of straw
Are you looking for something romantic and something unique? Then a straw igloo is just the thing for you. You get to sleep in a big bed made up with a thick bundle of straw. "Won't that straw sting?" No way, because on that straw is a comfortable soft mattress. The straw igloo has a surprising amount of space inside, including a cozy dining area. In the ridge is a glass dome through which you can admire the stars from your bed at night. Surprise your loved one with a reservation in this accommodation and you will spend a night you will talk about for the rest of your life. See this accommodation

Iglo van stro
5. Together in a jacuzzi at 12 meters high!
This converted sand funnel is perhaps one of the most romantic overnight stays in the Netherlands. You sleep in an old funnel 12 meters high and you have a phenomenal view of the Wadden Sea. The one-room hotel is super romantic and makes you feel like you are alone in the world. And as if this wasn't romantic enough, you can also enjoy a Jacuzzi for two in the middle of the room. An incredibly special experience! View this accommodation

Slapen in een trechter
6. In a pip wagon on a small island
This cozy pip wagon is located on an idyllic island in the Alkmaardermeer. The shepherds hut is suitable for 2 adults and is nostalgically furnished and equipped with many conveniences. Outside there is a private little garden with picnic table, barbecue and a cozy seating area along the waterfront where you can spend hours together. On the island you can further enjoy hiking, swimming or enjoy a terrace or a bite to eat at one of the two restaurants. View this accommodation

Knusse pipowagen
7. Sleep at height with a special view
This imposing water tower in Nes (on the mainland in Friesland) was built in 1957 and has been in use for almost 50 years. A few years ago, the water tower was transformed into a hotel with 2 luxury suites. Spending the night in the water tower is a unique experience that you will probably never forget. This suite is suitable for 2 persons and is fully equipped. You will sleep on a spacious double bed and have access to air conditioning, free wifi, a sitting area and an XL flat screen TV with cable channels, among other things. There is even a romantic 2 person whirlpool bath. In clear weather, Terschelling and Ameland are clearly visible on the north side. To the west side you look at the IJsselmeer. View this accommodation

Slapen in een watertoren
8. A cozy lifeboat
If you're looking for a cozy and intimate stay, this is 'the place to be'! This lifeboat in the marina of Monnickendam has a lovely double bed, a sitting area with folding table, free WIFI and a flat screen TV with many channels from home and abroad. There is also a refrigerator on board, choice of drinks and snacks, board games, a coffee machine and kettle. Coffee and tea are free to use. The lifeboat is also equipped with a heater so you can book the lifeboat even on colder days. From the marina you can easily walk to the center of Monnickendam where you can enjoy a terrace or restaurant. Monnickendam is located directly on the Markermeer and in an area where there is a lot to do. View this accommodation

Knus slapen in een reddingsboot
9. Luxury loft in a former crane
In this former crane in Den Bosch, a beautiful loft has been built. In the crane you will find a luxurious double hotel room that is beautifully decorated and fully equipped. And the view is up to you. Because the Crane is rotatable, as befits a real hoisting crane. Do you choose a panoramic view of the old city center? Or would you rather look out over the Tramkade with its rough sociability? In the wheelhouse you will find the original levers to control the harbor crane. Of course, you can also do this with buttons from your bed. Romantic at its best. View this romantic overnight stay

Romantische loft in een hijskraan
10. Sleeping in a church
What could be more romantic than sleeping in a church! This beautiful chapel stands in a yard in Friesland and is made entirely of wood. This gives the little church a cozy and authentic look. You sleep in a romantic double box bed. The stained-glass windows, fireplace and antique furniture add to the atmosphere. The holiday home has central heating (so it can be booked all year round) and hot and cold running water. There are also a kettle, coffee maker with filter, a 2 burner stove, basic cooking utensils and crockery available. View this accommodation

Slapen in een kerkje
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