The best overnight stays for hiking enthusiasts in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is full of beautiful hiking areas with varying nature, think forests, heaths and dunes. Walk along soothing streams and rivers with windmills and flower fields in the background. You can follow the marked hiking trails or find your own path and see where you end up. If you do not live near a beautiful hiking area, it is of course also very nice to stay overnight and make a hiking weekend of it! From the accommodations below you have the hiking trails to choose from. The holiday homes are all surrounded by nature, spread throughout the Netherlands. Also check out all the nature cottages on Vipio, these are all peaceful destinations surrounded by beautiful forests. Below you will find 10 special holiday homes that are all located in a beautiful nature area and offer plenty of opportunities for hiking.

The most beautiful accommodations for hiking enthusiasts in the Netherlands

1. Beautiful forest cabin on National Park Veluwezoom
National Park Veluwezoom is located in Gelderland and is known for its vast forests, beautiful moors and large sand drifts. As a result, this park offers a diverse landscape with many hiking trails. The Posbank is a highlight due to the panoramic views of the blooming heathland. In the Veluwezoom lies this luxury forest cabin for up to 4 people. It is located on a small vacation park and lies at the foot of the Posbank. On the park is a restaurant where you can have a delicious dinner together.

Prachtig boshuisje aan Nationaal Park Veluwezoom
2. Spacious log cabin in the woods of the Drents-Friese Wold
In the middle of the forests of Drenthe, this campsite offers an ideal holiday in the middle of nature with this log cabin for 4 persons. The campsite has facilities such as bicycle rental, a playground and a sandwich store. Surrounded by the impressive Drents-Friese Wold National Park, this cozy accommodation offers everything you need for a peaceful holiday. The campsite is thus nestled in the forests of Drenthe. As a result, there are many opportunities for hiking from the campsite. During your walks, meet freely roaming Scottish Highlanders and enjoy the diversity of nature, with forests, heaths, fens and sand drifts.

Ruime blokhut in de bossen van het Drents-Friese Wold
3. Spend the night in a log cabin near the Biesbosch
This authentic log cabin in the Alblasserwaard is an enchanting overnight spot where natural stimuli spoil all your senses. Admire the robust logs, hear the crackling fire and smell the scent of fresh wood. The accommodation is located in a peaceful area, near the Biesbosch. Hiking in the Biesbosch is an enchanting experience through this unique freshwater tidal area in the Netherlands. The narrow paths and picturesque bridges lead you past creeks, reed beds and willow flood forests. The area, known for its diverse waterfowl, offers hiking trails for all levels, with views of rippling water and possibly a glimpse of beavers.

Overnachten in een blokhut bij de Biesbosch
4. Unique hotel lodge at National Park de Hoge Veluwe
Hiking in National Park De Hoge Veluwe belongs to 1 of the largest national parks in the Netherlands. With vast forests, moors and sandy plains, the Veluwe offers a varied landscape for every hiking enthusiast. The well-marked trails lead you along beautiful nature, where you can enjoy the tranquility, wildlife and unique flora. This luxury two-person hotel lodge offers a natural stay in one of the most beautiful areas of the Netherlands. The sustainable lodge is fully equipped for a comfortable stay. It is also possible to include a delicious breakfast.

Unieke hotel lodge aan het Nationaal Park de Hoge Veluwe
5. Treehouse suite at Oostvaardersplassen
Hiking at Oostvaardersplassen offers a fantastic nature experience. This vast nature reserve in Flevoland is a true paradise for hiking enthusiasts. Discover diverse landscapes ranging from vast marshes to rugged grasslands and reed beds. During your walk you can observe numerous bird species, including swans, geese and various water birds. The presence of large grazers, such as konik horses and red deer, adds an extra dimension to the hiking experience. During your hiking vacation, spend the night among the leaves and wake up to the chirping of birds. From this treehouse you have a beautiful view and can enjoy nature even from your stay.

Boomhutsuite bij de Oostvaardersplassen
6. Romantic overnight stay in the Twente countryside
Enjoy true quality time without distractions in this romantic luxury Pod in Twente. Located on a beautiful estate, the accommodation offers fantastic views, a private outdoor stove and a king-size bed. Relax on the private terrace surrounded by peace and nature. The Twente scenic landscape offers many opportunities for beautiful walks. During the walks you will encounter different landscapes giving you a lot to see.

Romantisch overnachten in het Twentse landschap
7. Forest cabin on the Drentsche Aa
This cozy forest cabin on the edge of a beautiful estate in Drenthe offers a unique stay for 2 people. With lots of windows, French doors and a veranda, the cottage brings nature inside, with panoramic views of meadows and the Drentsche Aa. The cottage is located in the National Park Drentsche Aa. It features heathlands, forests and stream valleys. The hiking trails lead you past historical farms, nice streams and vast meadows. Along the way you can enjoy the diverse flora and fauna of this area.

Boshuisje op de Drentsche Aa
8. Romantic stay in nature reserve De Maashorst in Brabant
In the middle of the vast De Maashorst nature reserve in Brabant you will find this unique cabin. This special accommodation lets you become one with nature. Located behind a shifting dune and in the middle of the forest. During a walk from your accommodation you have a good chance of spotting the three large grazers of the Netherlands: the wisent, the taurus and the exmoor pony. There is a variation of heathland, forest areas and swampy pointing grounds. So during the walks you have a lot to look at and you certainly won't get bored.

Romantisch verblijf in natuurgebied De Maashorst in Brabant
9. Luxury Pod in the middle of the forest near the Veluwe
Enjoy a unique stay in this luxury Pod, a wooden accommodation in the middle of National Park Veluwezoom. You are surrounded by the natural beauty of the Posbank. During your overnight stay, you have a good chance of encountering boars and deer. Extensive forests, heaths and drifting sands can be found in the immediate vicinity. This gives you many hiking possibilities at your disposal with lots of variety. During the walks you should not be surprised if you encounter various animals.

Luxe pod midden in het bos bij de Veluwe
10. Boutique hotel with wellness on Texel
This boutique hotel on Texel offers modern rooms, a heated indoor pool and a gourmet restaurant. A stay at this boutique hotel on Texel guarantees luxury, relaxation and culinary enjoyment. Especially because of the wellness facilities offered by this hotel. So you are staying on the Wadden Island of Texel, one of the nicest places in the Netherlands for a holiday or weekend getaway. There are plenty of hiking opportunities. Walk through the dunes, along the beach or go mudflat hiking. It's a wonderful experience and getting a breath of fresh air should definitely be possible here.

Boutiquehotel met wellness op Texel
A hiking vacation in the Netherlands promises a restful time through varied landscapes and beautiful routes. From vast dunes to green forests, many polders and along picturesque waterways. As seen above, the Netherlands offers a diversity of hiking trails for all levels. Of course, the accommodations listed above are by no means all the special accommodations in the middle of nature that Vipio offers. You can view all nature cottages or search by your favorite region such as Gelderland, the Veluwe or Drenthe.

Offer special accommodations in nature at Vipio

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