5 family houses with private hot tub in the Netherlands

Escape the everyday hustle and bustle and embrace ultimate luxury with your family or household in a holiday home with private hot tub in the Netherlands. These cozy accommodations not only offer space and comfort for the whole family, but also add a touch of relaxation with a private hot tub. In the Netherlands, landscapes range from vast fields to charming cityscapes. At Vipio, you'll find family homes with hot tubs in every landscape for the perfect retreat. Whether you long for a secluded spot in nature or just a cozy home in a beautiful vacation park, there is a diverse stays to suit every family's needs. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the perfect combination of comfort, coziness and relaxation in a holiday home with hot tub in the Netherlands. Check out 5 beautiful and spacious vacation homes below, all with a private hot tub.

5 family houses with private hot tub

1. Boslodge for 8 people in Drenthe
This spacious and cozy accommodation accommodates up to 8 people, creating an ideal setting for a get-together full of warmth and adventure. The forest lodge is nestled in the greenery of the village of Tynaarlo (province of Drenthe), surrounded by endless forests and nature reserves. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the soothing sounds of nature and the fresh scent of pine trees. One of the highlights of this forest lodge is undoubtedly the private hot tub. Under the stars and surrounded by the greenery of the forest, the hot tub provides an idyllic place for relaxation and conviviality. During your stay in the forest lodge in Tynaarlo you can enjoy walks through nature, adventurous bike rides or just relax on the terrace surrounded by the greenery.

Boslodge voor 8 personen in Drenthe
2. Luxury holiday home (12p) by the water
Escape the daily hustle and bustle and treat yourself to an unforgettable family holiday in this spacious holiday home for 12 people in Uitgeest. The holiday home is located by the water where you can swim in the summer months. This idyllic location not only provides the perfect setting for quality time with your loved ones, but also adds a touch of luxury with a private hot tub. Here you can relax under the open sky, surrounded by the tranquility of nature. This holiday home in Uitgeest, with private hot tub and water views, is an invitation to enjoy peace and connection with family. Make your family vacation an unforgettable experience in this beautiful area.

Luxe vakantiehuis voor 12 personen aan het water
3. Group accommodation for 14 people with hot tub
Step back in time and embrace the charm of a holiday in an old farmhouse from 1800, located in Overijssel. This unique holiday home can accommodate 14 people and is located in an attractive holiday park. The history of the farm goes hand in hand with modern amenities and a touch of luxury, as the accommodation has its own hot tub. The hot tub is wonderful for both parents and children to use during the holiday. It is a place where lasting memories are made and where children will have an unforgettable time. This old farmhouse in Wierden offers not only a trip to the past, but also an unforgettable family vacation where history, comfort and coziness come together.

Groepsaccommodatie voor 14 personen met hottub
4. Nature lodge with sauna and hot tub
Discover the pure beauty of Drenthe in this exclusive nature lodge, designed for up to 8 people. From the cottage you have an idyllic view of the Holtingerveld nature reserve. Upon arrival you will be greeted by the soothing sounds of nature and the wide panoramic view of the Holtingerveld, a true paradise for nature lovers. It is also an ideal place for children. Nature gives room for discoveries and adventures. This nature lodge has its own sauna and hot tub. Treat yourself to relaxation amid the natural splendor of Drenthe. The hot tub is a perfect place to enjoy the starry sky over the Holtingerveld. During your stay, you and the children can enjoy walks through the nature reserve. Bike paths lead you along scenic routes and offer the opportunity to explore the area.

Natuurlodge met sauna en hottub
5. Vacation villa for 8 with jacuzzi
This spacious villa is suitable for 8 people and is located on a nice vacation park in Voorthuizen. The park has many facilities such as an indoor and outdoor pool and a bowling alley. In the garden of your accommodation you have your own hot tub. This is all yours during your stay. A hot tub is wonderful to use in both spring and autumn. In addition to there being plenty for families to do at the park, the natural areas in the area are also highly recommended. Cycle along the many beautiful bike paths in the middle of nature or explore the area on foot. This villa is an ideal destination for families who want to enjoy each other and the environment.

Vakantievilla voor 8 personen met jacuzzi
These 5 accommodations all have something in common. Each of them offers an ideal destination to spend holidays with your family. In addition, they all have a private hot tub, great to enjoy for young and old. The accommodations are often located in the middle of nature, allowing you to take beautiful walks and bike rides. The Netherlands is a country with a lot of variation in nature and environments. Therefore, the choice for beautiful holiday homes is very large. Have you not yet found the perfect accommodation for you and your family above? Then check out all group accommodations in the Netherlands or all group accommodations on Vipio. Are you curious about the wellness accommodations on Vipio? We have a large selection of stays in wellness accommodations throughout Europe for you to choose from.

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