Special overnight stay in a hobbit house

Step into the enchanting world of a Hobbit House. For fans of the Lord of the Rings movies, this is your chance to experience for yourself what it's like to sleep like a hobbit. The dreamy fairy houses are built of clay with round windows and doors. Tucked between hills and green fields, these cozy homes offer a cozy and peaceful environment. Just like in the movies! Spending the night in them offers a unique experience. Leave the stress behind and discover the charm of the Hobbit Houses below. Where nature, tranquility and fantasy come together. Whether it's a romantic getaway or a night of adventure with your family, staying in a Hobbit house promises an unforgettable journey into a fantasy world full of wonder. We've listed some extraordinary Hobbit houses for you below.

Special accommodation in a hobbit house

1. Unique hobbit house in thewoods
Be enchanted by a unique overnight stay in this
Hobbit House in the Belgian countryside. This fairytale 4-person cottage offers a magical experience in a wooded vacation park. Enter the world of the Hobbits and discover the warmth and coziness of this special residence. The Hobbit House is designed with fairy-like details. As soon as you step through the door you are immersed in an enchanting atmosphere. The living area with kitchen offers the ideal place to relax together, read or play games. The home is heated by a wood-burning stove. And as icing on the cake, the Hobbit House features a wood-fired private hot tub, allowing you to relax in peace.

Uniek hobbithouse in België
2. Hobbit house on campsite in the Netherlands
Experience an extraordinary overnight stay in this Hobbit House for 4 people on a nice small-scale campsite. Be enchanted by the unique charm of this fairytale cottage, where you will be taken to the world of the Hobbits. Located on a campsite in the beautiful Dutch province of Drenthe, the Hobbit House offers a magical ambiance and an unforgettable experience. The compact bathroom and special built-in beds add to the unique atmosphere of the stay. Feel the magic of the Hobbit House come to life as you relax at the campsite. Also a wonderful place for a family vacation with plenty of entertainment for the kids.

Hobbit huis op camping in Drenthe
3. Hobbit House on nice family park in the forest
For families looking for unusual accommodation in beautiful surroundings, this hobbit house is ideal. This accommodation has room for 6 people and is located on a cozy vacation park. The park includes 3 swimming pools, an animation team and a petting zoo. The hobbit house is fully equipped so you will have a wonderful holiday. During a stay in this cottage you are near several nature reserves and there are many opportunities for family outings. A stay in this hobbit house promises a holiday you won't soon forget.

Hobbit huis op familiepark in het bos
4. Hobbit House with hot tub in Belgium
This Hobbit House you will instantly recognize from the movies. This accommodation is located in Belgian Limburg, a beautiful area surrounded by nature. It gives many options for hiking and biking. So you can explore the beautiful surroundings while you can relax again in your special accommodation. Totally unwind in your private hot tub while hearing the sounds of leaves and birds around you. During winter days, you can heat the house through a cozy wood stove.

Hobbit House met hottub in België
Each of the above accommodations is unique in its own way. However, they all take you into a world where you can let your imagination run wild. Some of the accommoadties even have a lovely private hot tub. Also, the houses are all located in beautiful, natural surroundings. Wasn't the right accommodation for you? Check out the entire range of stays on Vipio. Here you will find many more unique accommodations.

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