10 fireworks-free holiday homes for a peaceful New Year's Eve

Are you looking for a fireworks-free turn of the year? On Vipio you will find several parks in the Netherlands where you are not allowed to set off fireworks. Celebrating New Year's Eve at a fireworks-free vacation park is the ideal way to start the year with relaxation and tranquility. Many of these parks welcome you together with your dog. The fireworks-free environment ensures that your four-legged friend will have a stress-free New Year's Eve. We have listed 10 fireworks-free accommodations below. Whether you choose a group accommodation to usher in the new year with friends or family, a romantic stay for an intimate start to the year or a wellness accommodation to relax after and during the holidays. The locations are all located in the tranquility of nature. Take a quick look at the parks and accommodations and book your favorite for a peaceful New Year. 

10 fireworks-free vacation parks for a peaceful turn of the year

1. Fireworks-free vacation park in the Veluwe
Are you looking for an overnight stay in the middle of nature with wellness facilities? And that during the turn of the year, without the noise of fireworks? At this park you will find various wellness accommodations to start the new year relaxed. For example, relax with accommodations equipped with a private hot tub or sauna, where the warmth envelops you amidst the greenery. Choose from 1 of these luxury lodges, suitable for 4 people. Where relaxation and nature come together. You can also choose these cottages in the forest or on the waterfront. Or this tiny house With sauna or hot tub. The other accommodations also feature a hot tub and/or sauna. The above accommodations are all animal friendly. 

Vuurwerkvrij vakantiepark met wellness accommodaties
2. Waterfront holiday homes on a fireworks-free park
Experience New Year's Eve in serenity at a small-scale holiday park in Uitgeest. Located directly on the water and free of fireworks. Choose from group accommodation such as this spacious villa for 16 people. For more luxury and relaxation, stay in this 12-person accommodation with private hot tub. Would you like to bring your dog along? Then choose this 4-person accommodation on the waterfront. Leave the fireworks stress behind and embrace the peace and coziness of Uitgeest for an unforgettable New Year's Eve.

Rustig gelegen vakantiepark (vuurwerkvrij) in Uitgeest
3. Holiday homes right on the water in Giethoorn
Discover this holiday park in picturesque Giethoorn, where all the holiday homes are on the water and have their own jetty. No fireworks are allowed here, so you can enjoy the quiet waterfront. For example, choose this 4-person villa with large windows, which provides a nice view from the house. Or go for the more spacious 5-person villa with its own jetty, ideal for families. Finally, you can choose this spacious 8-person accommodation. With also nice large windows for a bright feel and beautiful views. An ideal place to usher in the new year with friends or family. Each of the above accommodations is pet-friendly. Your four-legged friend can therefore also enter the new year in peace and without stress.

Vakantiehuizen direct aan het water in Giethoorn (vuurwerkvrij)
4. Fireworks-free accommodation on a vacation park in Epe
Discover this fireworks-free vacation park in picturesque Epe. Nestled in the peaceful beauty of the Veluwe. Here you will experience the serene calm of an environment without fireworks noises. Guaranteeing you a peaceful and relaxing holiday. Even during the turn of the year! You will find several hiking and biking trails, ideal for the active holidaymaker. Choose to stay in this design tiny house for 4 people. It has a spacious terrace and you can walk straight into nature from your backyard. Do you have a dog you would also like to bring along during New Year's Eve? Then you can in this tiny house. An ideal location for you and your dog for wonderful walks.

Vakantiehuis op vuurwerkvrij park op de Veluwe
5. Enjoy the peace and quiet during New Year's Eve on a (car-free) island
Escape to a small vacation park on a car-free island in beautiful North Holland. Here tranquility and nature go hand in hand. On this island it is not allowed to set off fireworks. This allows you to experience a peaceful turn of the year at this location. The island exudes tranquility. Do you still want to visit the hustle and bustle? Then the ferry will take you to the mainland within 10 minutes. You can have a unique experience in this dome. Where you can enjoy the beautiful view from your bed through the panoramic window. Or choose this hotel room in the island's authentic inn.

Beleef een rustige jaarwisseling op dit eiland
6. Fireworks-free park in the Veluwe
Discover the tranquility of the Veluwe at this fireworks-free park, where nature and tranquility come together. Leave the bangs behind and embrace a calm New Year's Eve amid the beautiful Veluwe countryside. Explore the vast forests, listen to the soft rustling of the leaves and enjoy a relaxing holiday. Whether you hike along winding paths or just enjoy the silence. At this fireworks-free park you'll find an oasis of calm, perfect for ushering in the New Year without bangs and fireworks stress. Choose the ultimate in relaxation with this luxury chalet with private jacuzzi. Or stay with family or friends in this large group accommodation for 18.

Luxe chalet met jacuzzi op vuurwerkvrij park
7. Fireworks-free New Year's Eve in Overijssel
Escape fireworks noises and enjoy a peaceful stay in picturesque Wierden in Overijssel. Explore the town's historical charm with its cozy streets and local eateries. For nature lovers, Overijssel offers beautiful scenery, with vast fields and scenic hiking trails. Or explore historical attractions such as castles and mansions that reflect the region's rich history. This fireworks-free park has some lovely accommodations where you can spend the New Year in peace. For example, stay in this wooden cottage located by the water. Or choose this tiny house located in the forest. Both accommodations are for up to 4 people.

Houten cottage op vuurwerkvrij park in Overijssel
8. Spend the night amidst the nature of Gelderland
Enjoy a fireworks-free stay in enchanting Vaassen. Hidden in the nature of the Veluwe. Escape fireworks noises and embrace the tranquility of this beautiful location. Explore the natural surroundings with walks through the vast forests and discover the beautiful and especially diverse nature of the Veluwe. With fireworks-free accommodation at this park, you can usher in the new year, away from the hustle and bustle and in the midst of natural beauty. Stay in this 4-person bungalow, surrounded by greenery. Would you like to spend the night in a larger accommodation? Then choose a nice spacious 6-person bungalow. In both holiday homes it is allowed to bring your dog. So everyone can enjoy a peaceful New Year's celebration.

Overnachten in de natuur van de Veluwe op een vuurwerkvrij park
9. Fireworks-free overnight stay in North Brabant
Enjoy a fireworks-free overnight stay in atmospheric North Brabant. Close to bustling cities like Eindhoven, Den Bosch and Tilburg. Here you can welcome the new year in peace and quiet, away from the sounds of fireworks. Explore the charming surroundings, discover local delicacies and enjoy a relaxing stay. With fireworks-free accommodation at this location in North Brabant, you will experience the perfect combination of urban vibrancy and rural serenity. This promises an unforgettable start to the new year. Do you love beautiful views during your holiday? Then this accommodation with sweeping views of the countryside is a good choice. Another special accommodation is this architectural tiny house. Here you have a lot of privacy and the only sounds you hear are those of nature around you.

Accommodatie op vuurwerkvrije locatie met prachtig uitzicht
10. Quiet New Year's Eve by the water in Friesland
Relax and celebrate New Year's Eve at this fireworks-free park in the heart of the Frisian Lakes. Where peace and nature come together. Between the Frisian waters you can enjoy a calm New Year's Eve without the sounds of fireworks. Choose accommodations right by the water and be enchanted by the view. Explore the Frisian Lakes, enjoy the serene surroundings and embrace the natural beauty of Friesland. Want to go into the new year completely relaxed? Then this holiday home with private sauna right on the water may be just what you're looking for. Also check out this spacious bungalow. The accommodation has large windows giving it a nice light feel.

Vakantiepark aan het water in Friesland (vuurwerkvrij)
With this list of 10 fireworks-free vacation parks throughout the Netherlands, a peaceful turn of the year is within reach. From the forests of the Veluwe to the Frisian Lakes. These parks and accommodations offer the perfect escape from fireworks noises. In which some locations are also animal-friendly. Leave the crowds behind, embrace the natural splendor and usher in the New Year without stress. Whichever spot you choose, a peaceful start to the New Year awaits you. Book your favorite location soon before someone beats you to it!

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