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Why offer your accommodation through Vipio?

Vipio is a website for special stays. We focus specifically on people who are looking for a stay with a WOW factor. When you join Vipio as a host, your accommodation can be found instantly by a large and relevant audience. And registering with Vipio is free!

So, do you manage or own a B&B, holiday home, campsite, holiday park or hotel with special stays? Then discover Vipio's many advantages.

No booking = no costs

Registering and listing on Vipio is free of charge. Only when you receive a book you pay a commission of only 10% plus a 3% contribution for our payment costs (excl. VAT).

Various integrations possible

With Vipio, you can easily and quickly link your calendar through a channel manager or iCal

Secure and fast payments

We handle all payments for you and transfer the rental amount to you shortly after a booking.

How renting through Vipio works

  • 1

    Easy registration free of charge. You have the possibility to l to iCal and the majority of Channel Managers.

  • 2

    Create your own advertisement or make use of our free advertising service.

  • 3

    Once your accommodation is online with us, you will soon welcome your first guests through Vipio.

  • 4

    We take care of the payments on your behalf. Guests pay before arrival, and you are paid out automatically, minus the 10% commission and 3% payment fee contribution (excluding VAT).

Easily link your calendar to Vipio

You can synchronise your calendar with Vipio through a channel manager or by linking to iCal.

Do you offer your accommodation through multiple booking platforms without using a channel manager? No problem! You can easily link availability via a so-called iCal calendar. Vipio offers the possibility of synchronising calendars of various platforms with each other via iCal free of charge.

"Vipio has a unique selection of special accommodations that challenge the status quo of modern tourism. Vipio also provides fast, friendly customer service and actively helps promote your accommodation."

Alexander Gysbrechts

Alexander Gysbrechts

Provider of nature cabins in Belgium

Frequently asked questionsView all

Is my accommodation special enough to offer it through Vipio?

Send us a link or a photo of your accommodation, and we will let you know within 24 hours if your accommodation fits Vipio's offers. We look forward to working with you!

Does Vipio have its own rules for cancellations?

At Vipio, you can choose between 3 different cancellation packages that vary in flexibility. This way, you can always choose a package that suits you as a host. To avoid cancellation fees, we always advise guests first to try to find an alternative date together with you as the host. If this is not possible, your chosen cancellation policy will apply.

What is the commission rate for hosts?

Vipio does not charge a fee for registering or placing an advertisement. All you pay as a landlord is a 10% commission and a 3% contribution towards our payment costs (excluding VAT).

When do I receive my rental income?

As the host, you will receive the travel price (minus 10% commission and 3% payment fee) from the guests within 3 days of the check-in date. Until then, the travel sum is safely in a third-party account.

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