What is the best time to book your holiday?

Do you ever wonder when is the best time to book your holiday? If you book too late, everything might already be full! If you book too early, you might miss out on that great last-minute! And should you book a summer vacation much earlier in advance than, say, a winter sports vacation, autumn vacation or weekend getaway? To help you on your way with these questions, we as Vipio have done research into the booking behavior of our visitors. We looked at how far in advance the different holidays are booked on Vipio. Below you can see when most people book each holiday.

What is the best period to book your holiday?

1. When to book your summer vacation (from 6 months in advance)
Like many people, you probably look forward to the summer vacations all year round! Spend a few weeks at a campsite or holiday home and enjoy the surroundings, the nice weather and free time. If you want to make sure that your summer vacation is unforgettable, you will want to book the perfect accommodation! To avoid it being already occupied, many people book their summer vacation well in advance. On Vipio we see that most people book their summer vacation in January and June. Thereby we see a peak especially in January. In other words, there is a large group of people who book in January to avoid that all the beautiful accommodations are already full and there is also a large group of people who book only at the last moment. They do this mainly because they want to take advantage of a last minute. Are you still looking for an accommodation for your holiday? Check out all the special holiday homes on Vipio

2. When to book your May and autumn holidays (3 months in advance)
Both the May and autumn holidays are very popular holidays for several reasons. In the May vacations you already have a foreshadowing of the nice weather in the summer. You can enjoy nice weather after a period of cold. In the autumn vacations you can also look for many destinations where the weather is still nice. We at Vipio see a growing popularity in these holidays. Both the May and autumn vacations are booked on average 3 months in advance. The May vacations are booked the most at Vipio in February and March. If you want to get ahead of the crowds and have all the choices to book your favorite accommodation, it is wise to book your holiday as early as possible. For autumn vacations, we see a peak in bookings at the end of the summer vacations, around August. A nice destination for both holidays are the Canary Islands. Here it is, in both periods, often beautiful weather. Check out all the special stays in the Canary Islands on Vipio.

3. When to book a weekend getaway (1 to 2 months in advance)
A weekend getaway is very popular and often comes from spontaneous ideas. A weekend getaway is perfect for getting away from it all and taking yourself out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Often you can completely unwind and start the week recharged. At Vipio, we noticed that weekend breaks are booked an average of one month in advance. This does exclude weekends with holidays. Think for example of the Whitsun weekend or the Easter weekend. These weekends are often booked over 2 months in advance. Would you like to be able to retreat into nature during your stay? At Vipio you will find many forest cottages, located in the middle of nature making for wonderful hiking and biking in the area. Or are you looking for more relaxation in the form of wellness during your weekend away? That too is no problem at Vipio. We have many different stays with private wellness facilities.

4. When to book your winter sports vacation (10 to 14 months in advance)
The winter sports vacation is booked by far the furthest in advance. On average, people book their winter sports a year in advance. On the other hand, this also depends on when you want to go on winter sports. There are clear differences when booking winter sports in February or in December (during the holidays). The most popular winter sports period is February and the last 2 weeks of December, these holidays are often booked more than a year in advance. Quieter winter sports periods are January and March. This period is often booked 9 to 10 months before the holiday. An advantage of going on winter sports in these months is that it is cheaper than the busy months of February and December. At Vipio you can find many beautiful and special holiday homes located near or adjacent to a ski area. Take a look at the holiday homes in Austria, for example, and book your favorite quickly.

Advantages of early booking
There are many advantages to booking your holiday early, but the biggest advantage is that you still have plenty of choice. The most popular destinations accommodations are not yet occupied so you can easily find something within your budget. The later you search the fewer accommodations will be available. Another advantage of booking your holiday early is that you will have a lot of fun in the months and weeks before your holiday. In addition, booking early gives you more time to plan and prepare for your holiday. You can quietly research the destination, attractions and activities in the area. This also allows you to book the trips in advance so you will experience a stress-free holiday.


At Vipio you will find only special and unique holidays. We are the booking platform for your special vacation. The accommodations are located throughout Europe so your favorite destination is also among them. Examples of unique accommodations are windmills, churches, treehouses and luxury villas. There is also a special accommodation for every budget. Special does not necessarily mean expensive.

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