Extraordinary Pippi Longstocking houses in Sweden

Spending the night in a Pippi Longstocking house is surely a sneaky dream of many. Pippi Longstocking is an iconic character, her stories and adventures take readers and viewers on a magical journey of humor, fantasy and friendship. When you think of Pippi Longstocking, you probably immediately think of Villa Kakelbont, the colorful house Pippi lived in during the TV series. Because of this villa, a Pippi Longstocking house has really become a household name. We are talking about colorful, wooden houses in a design with a great sense of playfulness. Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a kind of Villa Kakelbont? Then this is your chance! We have listed the most beautiful Pippi Longstocking houses in Sweden for you. 

The most beautiful Pippi Longstocking houses in Sweden

1. Pippi Longstocking villa with swimming pool and tennis court
Would you like to stay in a Pippi Longstocking villa with all your friends? At this accommodation that is certainly possible. You can stay here with as many as 13 people with your own swimming pool and tennis court. The above amenities are all for private use. The villa is located in the town of Södermanland and has a beautiful rural location. As a result, from the villa you look out on the extensive garden surrounding the villa but also on the large surrounding forest.
Pippi Langkous villa met zwembad en tennisbaan
2. Pippi Longstocking house overlooking a lake
This cozy Pippi Longstocking house is located on a beautiful lake. At this lake there is a possibility to fish from the private jetty, among others. At this jetty it is also allowed to moor a boat. This Pippi Longstocking house is made of wood and therefore very traditional, this creates a nice and cozy atmosphere in the house. It is located in a beautiful, wooded area so you can relax here. If you do want to visit a town, the nearest is only 6 km away from the accommodation.
Pippi Langkous huis met uitzicht op een meer
3. Wooden Pippi Longstocking house by a lake
This cozy cottage can accommodate 7 people. It is the perfect place to go out with your family or friends. Just walk down your terrace and you'll find yourself on a beautiful lake. The Main guest offers the possibility to rent a boat, this gives you the opportunity to explore the whole area. Should you want to stay here in the winter, that's no problem either, this cottage contains a wood-burning stove so you'll be nice and warm even in winter. 
Pippi Langkous huis aan een meer
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