Sleeping in a real yurt

Are you looking for a nice accommodation for a short vacation or for a weekend away, but want something different than an ordinary cottage? Then consider spending the night in a yurt.

What is a yurt?

A yurt (or yurt) is a traditional round tent originally used for habitation by nomads, keeping sheep, goats, camels and/or horses, living in the cold dry areas of Central Asia. Nowadays, yurts are also used as accommodation for an original overnight stay. Read on quickly about what it's like to sleep in a yurt and where to find them!

Binnen in een luxe yurt
What is it like to sleep in a yurt?
in a yurt is actually a luxurious form of camping (glamping). This is because a yurt is quite large and often furnished with normal beds, good seating areas and a stove. Normally a yurt offers space for 2 to 6 people. But in some tents you can easily roll out an extra air mattress. A yurt does not consist (like many other large tents) of several compartments, but of one large space. As a result, everything takes place in one space, which is why people often experience it as very cozy. A toilet is often located in an outbuilding.
Toilet en douche buiten de yurt
Can you sleep in a yurt in winter?
A yurt is so well insulated that in Mongolia you can live in it up to minus 30 degrees. So a mild Dutch winter is not a problem. With a closed door and a heater it stays nice and warm inside. Sleep under a thick blanket with a real sheep blanket on top. Cosy and cozy!

Kachel in een yurt
Romantic nights in a yurt
A yurt is also perfect for a romantic stay for you and your partner. Book a yurt especially suitable for 2 people with lots of privacy. A large double bed and a stove complete the whole romantic picture. Check out this romantic yurt on Vipio. An accommodation very similar to a yurt is this special straw igloo. Built with straw, the igloo is wonderfully cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Yurt with hot tub
Do you really want to relax completely then you can also rent a yurt at Vipio that has access to a private hot tub? The yurt below can be found in Egmond aan den Hoef and is close to the beach and sea. From the yurt you have an unobstructed view over the bulb fields. So to top it off, you can also enjoy your own wood-fired hot tub with lots of privacy. Check out this yurt here.

Yurt met hottub
Rent a yurt
Would you like to spend the night in a yurt? Then quickly go to Vipio's offer and rent one of the yurts on our site. Can't quite find what you're looking for? Then take a look at all the safari tents on Vipio. These safari tents also offer you the ultimate glamping feeling.

Rent out a yurt on Vipio yourself
Do you have a yurt as B&B in your garden or do you have a campsite with a yurt and want to offer it through Vipio? Then we would love to welcome you as a landlord! Contact us at or visit this page with more information about offering on Vipio.

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