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Tiny House

A Tiny House is a small house with an area of about 50m² that has been designed in such a way that optimal use is made of the space. Due to the clever design, a Tiny House often has all the comforts of a normal house despite the limited space. There are more and more people in the world who consciously choose to live permanently in such a Tiny House. If that is too much for you, but you would like to experience living in a Tiny House, you can also rent a weekend or short vacation in a Tiny House through Vipio. Below you will find numerous special Tiny Houses in all shapes and sizes. The Tiny Houses can be found throughout the Netherlands and Belgium and can be booked directly through Vipio.
What makes spending the night in a Tiny House so nice?
The Tiny Houses on Vipio are all special. Sometimes they are situated in a unique location such as by the water or in the middle of the forest and sometimes the design of the Tiny House is so unique that it is an experience to spend the night in it. For example, at Vipio you can find a wooden Tiny House 3 meters off the ground. The Tiny House is actually built on stilts! A unique overnight stay that you and your children will probably talk about for a long time. In the Netherlands and Belgium you can find more and more Tiny Houses that can be booked for a night out, a weekend away or a (short) vacation. New Tiny Houses are continuously offered on Vipio. So keep an eye on Vipio and book the Tiny House you want to spend the night in.

Is a tiny house big enough for a vacation?
Although the name tiny house suggests that the vacation home is not really big, you will lack nothing during your vacation. Tiny Houses are cleverly designed so that you can still have all the luxuries. You sleep on a normal bed and most tiny houses have a private bathroom with shower and toilet. Some tiny houses even have a complete kitchen for you to use. The tiny houses are therefore ideal for a night away, but in many cases also for a long weekend or even a vacation of a week or more.

Tiny house on the water
If you are really looking for a special tiny house, you can also choose to rent a tiny house on the water. These tiny houses are also called tiny houseboats. On Vipio you can also book various tiny houseboats for a unique overnight stay. For example, how about a tiny houseboat in Limburg or a four-person tiny houseboat in Friesland. With some of these tiny houseboats, it is even possible to move to a different mooring location during your stay.

Tiny House in The Netherlands
On Vipio you can find a lot of tiny houses in The Netherlands. Do you already know in which province you want to book a tiny house? We have made it easy for you. Choose the province below and you will immediately see all the tiny houses in that province.

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Tiny House rentals through Vipio
At Vipio we are always looking for new Tiny Houses to rent through our site. Do you have a Tiny House that you would like to have rented out through Vipio? If so, please contact our team at or visit this page and discover the many benefits of renting through Vipio